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How We Met

It is truly fitting that Nate and I were married on Hawaii. The first night we met was at a Luau-Themed party in late August 2007. It was an evening filled with fun and festivities. All the guests arrived at the party dressed in their finest Hawaiian attire bright Hawaiian shirts, colorful leis, grass skirts, summer dresses, shorts, and flip flops. I took the Luau-Theme quite seriously and showed up rocking white shorts, a teal tank top, and a pink Hawaiian flower in my hair. Unfortunately in typical Seattle fashion, the weather was rainy, gray, and miserably cold. As the good times continued into the night, thetemperature continued
to drop.

At the end of the night, the best-dressed competition kicked off outside. Everyone gathered around in the cold to watch the participants strut their stuff. Both Nate and I (after talking about it in hindsight) had noticed each other throughout the day. However we did not persue the opportunity to talk or get to know one another better. Lo and behold, Nate and I happened to be standing right next to each other!!! We immediately struck up a conversation. As our conversation progressed Nate, being the kind and thoughtful person he is, noticed I was shivering cold. He kindly offered me a sweatshirt of my choosing. When we went to his room to retrieve it, I was delighted to discover a Central Washington University sweatshirt hanging in his closet (both Nate and I went
to college there). It was the first of many things we realized we had in common. Sparks flew from that initial meeting, and there was no doubt that there was an immediate connection between Nate and I. Our relationship continued to progress from that point on. However, neither one of us imagined or dreamed that
as a result of that fateful night, we would be married 4 years later!!!

Our Proposal

Nate asked me to marry him during our three week European adventure in May 2010. Our vacation consisted of visiting three different locations - Ireland,Prague, and Italy. Since I am of Irish descent, I was most excited about visiting the Emerald Isle!!!

We started our vacation in Ireland, and spent eight days exploring the countryside. Four days into our vacation, we found ourselves in Dingle, a delightful town on the west coast. We stayed in a nice little bed and breakfast, and woke up the next morning to drive around the Dingle Peninsula. About midway through our drive, we stopped off at a beautiful viewing point. We were taking pictures, enjoying the sights, appreciating the breathtaking scenery, when "BAM.." Nate unexpectedly got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I responded "yes," of course and was floating on cloud nine. However, the proposal came as I BIG surprise to me. I anticipated it happening at some point in the near future, but I did not think that Nate would ask me to marry him on our European vacation. The reason being, (in typical girl fashion) I had poked and prodded him for any sort of indication/clue that he would propose to me while were abroad. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to me. However, unbeknownst to me, he had placed a large emphasis on the surprise factor. He was a closed book plain and simple. He had me thoroughly convinced that it
was not going to happen soon and definitely not during our vacation.

Fittingly, that is what made the proposal all the more special. The thought and consideration that Nate put into asking me to marry him and the unexpected surprise, thrill, and excitement that came with the occasion made our vacation very memorable. It goes without saying, that Ireland will always have a special place in my heart. Not only can I trace my family lineage there, but Ireland is where the man of my dreams asked me to marry him.


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